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Information from Pace TIps about their service

Pace TIps

Pace TIps

There is no substitute for hard graft and that's what I use to make the selections that I offer.  Studiously analysing not only each race, but each and every historical run for each and every horse in each race.  It's a time consuming business, but over the years, I have managed to develop my ideas into something useful.
This service is for all-weather racing and was also limited until recently to the smaller fields simply because of the effort involved in analysing all the field.  I now have access to a database of all historical races which allows me to analyse all AW races in a reasonably timely manner irrespective of the number of runners etc.  It also assists me when there is limited form to go on.  This has improved the results from 17th Dec 2012 when I made my latest changes to the selection process

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Proofed Results for Pace TIps Back Selections

Month by Month Breakdown of Proofed Results Based on 1 Point Level Stakes

MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
March 201310818.5108.00-48.69-34.09
February 201336418.4364.001.8934.46
January 201355419.9554.00-32.2720.35
Total for 2013102619.21,026.0-79.0720.72
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 201233723.1337.00-45.32-5.61
November 20124610.946.00-23.80-19.88
Total for 201238321.7383.0-69.12-25.49

Bets = Number of selections provided
SR% = Percentage Success Rate. i.e. number of profitable selections / number of selections
Advised Stakes = Total number of points staked on selections
SP Profit = Total number of points profit/loss based on Starting Price (SP)
BSP Profit = Total points profit/loss based on Betfair Starting Prices. For years prior to 2008, odds of 15% above SP are used. The figures assume a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets. This is an upper amount and will reduce the more bets you place with Betfair. You can see the effect of varying the assumed commission % by looking at the Full Proofed Results (see link above).

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